SEM Images

Field-Emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) image of an Anopore Membrane
Cross-sectional FESEM Images show that Multilayer Polyelectrolyte films cover pores without filling them
TEM and FESEM scans

Surface Infrared Spectroscopy

Two Techniques for High Sensitivity Surface Infrared Spectroscopy

Scheme of reflectance infrared spectroscopy

Grazing angle Fourier-transform infrared external reflection spectroscopy is sensitive enough to produce a quality spectrum of less than a monolayer on a surface. The IR beam is reflected off of a sample before going to the detector. (Picture adapted from a diagram originally drawn by Professor Laurel Knott.)

Scheme of Brewster angle infrared spectroscopy

When using materials that are transparent to IR radiation, Brewster-angle transmissionFourier-transform infrared spectroscopy is a sensitive method for investigating adsorbates. Using the Brewster angle prevents multiple internal reflections and, hence, interference patterns.