New publication on monoclonal antibody analysis

Congratulations to Joshua Berwanger, Hui Yin Tin, and Gia Jokhadze on their recent paper 

J.D. Berwanger, Hui Yin Tan, G. Jokhadze, M.L. Bruening “Determination of the Serum Concentrations of the Monoclonal Antibodies Bevacizumab, Rituximab, and Panitumumab Using Porous Membranes Containing Immobilized Peptide Mimotopes” Anal. Chem. 93, 7562-7570 (2021).

This work describes the development of peptide-modified membranes that capture three different therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to enable their rapid analysis in devices such as spin membranes. We are working toward development of a point-of-care device that enables rapid determination of mAb levels to enable patient-specific dosing.