New publication on electrodialysis

Congratulations to Yan Zhu, Muhammad Ahmad, Liu Yang, and Andriy Yaroshchruk on their recent paper 

Y. Zhu, M. Ahmad, L. Yang, M. Misovich, A. Yaroshchuk, and M.L. Bruening “Adsorption of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Imparts High Monovalent/Divalent Cation Selectivity to Aliphatic Polyamide Cation-exchange Membranes” J. Membr. Sci. 537, 177–185 (2017).

This work describes coating of inexpensive cation-exchange membranes with polyelectrolyte multilayers to achieve monovalent/divalent cation selectivities >1000. They also increased current efficiencies to 80% using highly water-swollen films.