The table below shows some of our main research areas:

  • Electrodialysis for Salt Purification

    Electrodialysis for Salt Purification

    In electrodialysis, an electrical potential drives ions across membranes to effect separations. However, typical ion-exchange membranes show minimal selectivity between monovalent and divalent ions, which is important for applications such as water softening and salt purification. In contrast, we recently found that polyelectrolyte multilayers adsorbed on cation-exchange membranes give rise to an electrodialysis K+/Mg2+ selectivity >90.

  • Modified Membranes for Protein Purification

    Modified Membranes for Protein Purification

    We modify membranes with polyelectrolyte multilayers and then derivatize them with affinity groups that capture specific proteins.

  • Li And K

    Counter-Flow Electromigration Ion Separations

    This work investigates methods for separating ions such as Li+ and K+ or Na+ with an eye toward resource recovery.



  • Mab Capture


    Analysis of Therapeutic Proteins

    Capture of monoclonal antibodies in mimotope-modified membranes enables analysis of these antibodies in human serum.  Such analysis could personalize the dosing regimen for treatment with therapeutic antibodies.