Teaching & Outreach

Spring 2017

CHEM and CBE 60727 and CHEM and CBE 40525
Ambient Methods for Characterization of Interfaces

The course aims to familiarize students with interfaces (mostly thin films), with an emphasis on methods for investigating interfaces. During the course, we focus on techniques that apply to ambient conditions, rather than high-vacuum methods. Specific techniques discussed include ellipsometry, surface plasmon resonance sensing, reflectance infrared spectroscopy, attenuated total reflection spectroscopy, contact angle measurements, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and cylic voltammetry. We aim to achieve a high-level understanding of the specific techniques and problems involved. This includes a detailed study of reflection of light from interfaces, surface free energies, electrochemical kinetics, alternating current, and mass transport at an electrode.

Students rated the course between very good to outstanding.